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Reattaching a key to an ibook's keyboard (also for powerbooks)

As usual, I cannot be responsible for any damage to your machines when you will experiment the following tutorial.

The operation here consists in reattaching a key was has been ripped off by accident.

Fortunately, in this case, the mechanism under the key has not been damaged.


The "Q" key has been removed, as for the "S" one, but here we also removed the mechanism under.

Well, you see, ibook keyboards are not necessary cleaner than others ;-)


The different components. On the first piece, on the extreme left, we can see 4 lugs on the 4 corners.

On the piece in the middle, 2 lugs which act as pivots.

Last but not least, the ripped off key (rear view): two glides and two clamps in its upper part.


The two mechanims pieces reassembled.

In the aperture, on the right, one can see a slot which will receive the protuberant part we can see on the left.

Be carefull no to put one of them in a wrong position!


If they are well assembled, the mechanism can well be down flat on the table. The two arrows point to the area where will be clamped the lugs of the inferior part.

Do not force on each lug but, instead, slightly press the whole piece within your fingers to slide them in the aperture. Then release the pressure with the lugs face the clamping holes.


Now we put the mechanism back in place.

First, slide the nick under the yellow arrow while introducing the piece in the direction it can open without restriction.

Then, the lugs pointed by the blue arrows have to be slided to get the final result, as the one pointed by the white arrow on the left undamaged key's mechanism.


Now the key itself...

First, we put the lugs (yellow arrows) in the key's glides.

Then we can clamp the upper part of the key onto the lugs pointed by the blue arrows.


The glides guides (yellow arrows) and the stops (blue arrows) in which the lugs will shim.


First shim the lugs to the end of the glides guides (yellow arrows).


Then, close down the key and lock it on the left and on the right.


Keys in place now.

We can see the partial wipping of the "A" and "S" keys: this shows that the Apple's silk screening of keyboards has lost in quality.. This keyboard is only 6 months old :-(

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